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Habakkuk’s name means “Embracer” or “Wrestler” Little is known about Habakkuk. The date of his recorded exchanges with God isn’t certain, but the beginning of Jehoaikim’s reign seems a reasonable deduction. He was certainly contemporary with Jeremiah, Possibly 635 to 625 B.C. Habakkuk is asking one of the difficult questions, similar to what we might ask today.

Habakkuk’s complaint

[Hab 1] Habakkuk is deeply troubled that violence and injustice appear to be tolerated by God. It seems that justice never prevails and so complains to God concerning it. However, God’s response creates another dilemma in Habakkuk’s eyes: why allow a nation more wicked than themselves to punish Judah?

God’s response

[Hab 2] God instructs Habakkuk to write down His revelation as it will be some years before it is fulfilled. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith is God’s simple response, but then spelt out in detail with woes uttered against Babylon.

Habakkuk’s prayer

[Hab 3] Habakkuk responds with a prayer in the form of a psalm in which he expresses his awe of God’s mighty power. Despite the loss of essential resources, Habakkuk takes delight in God who is his strength, and is content to trust in Him. He will be patient and wait for the day when God will deal with Babylon.
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