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Bible précis

Bible overview

A full précis of the whole Bible as much as the text allows. For example, Genesis is easy; some of proverbs, impossible. It can be used to learn the Bible in greater detail than the Bible Overview. If you were to read through the whole, read time would be approaching nine hours. The flexibility of this format means you can progress from the Bible Overview in whichever way suits you. For those new to the Bible, a natural progression from the Bible overview might be to home in on the Gospels (New Testament History Books / Jesus Christ) and, or, New Testament Epistles. It can also be simply be used as reference material, allowing the reader to readily home in on any section of the Bible.
A natural follow-on from the ‘30 minute’ read. More in-depth with a total read time of a little short of two hours. Still concentrating on the ‘history’ books, but with a passing reference to the prophets and epistles.

Genesis to Revelation in 30 minutes

An overview taken from the Bible’s ‘history’ books (Genesis to Esther, Daniel 1-6, the Gospels and Revelation) and simply records some of the Bible content as a series of events. It does not teach the meaning or life application of those events; it is only intended to provide a means of easily recalling the flow of biblical history. In doing so, the reader will acquire an understanding of the broad context of any period as a backcloth for further reading. Read time is 30 minutes. Click here for a PDF A6 version to read on screen. Click here for PDFs to print convenient size A6 booklets.
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A seven minute summary

A very short overview of the Bible. This is a starter to get you going if you are completely new to the Bible and feel you would like a gentle introduction. Read time is only seven minutes.
In all the above, words in italics are from the Bible and specifically the King James, unless otherwise stated. Read times are based on a reading speed of 205 words per minute.
As an alternative to the hierarchic format, this PDF presents the précis as a book, in A5 landscape format with bookmarks.