Paul’s Epistle to Titus

Following Paul’s release from his first imprisonment in Rome, he took Titus to Crete to establish churches there. He later left Titus to continue with the work they had both started. It seems that Paul became aware that Zenos and Apollos were going on a journey that took them through Crete, and took the opportunity to write this letter to Titus.

Elders and false teachers

[Tit 1] Following his greeting, Paul reminds Titus of why he left him in Crete: to set in order things that are lacking and to ordain elders in every city. An elder must be blameless in his Christian walk and knowledgeable in scripture, in order to teach and to oppose those who argue doctrine. For there are many who argue and teach false things, particularly Jews, who must be prevented from corrupting the truth to be found in scripture.

Christian witnessing: seniors and servants

[Tit 2] In his preaching, Titus is to exhort the senior generation to be an example to the younger, so that the young married women are encouraged to run their homes with love, and both husbands and wives to live their lives according to the faith. Titus too must be exemplary so that none can criticise him. He is to exhort servants to be obedient to their masters, for they are in a unique position to be an example of good Christian living, and a witness that salvation through Christ is available to all in preparation for His second coming.

Christian witnessing for all: Closing requests and salutations

[Tit 3] Christians should be law-abiding citizens, speaking evil of no one, being meek and gentle towards all people, remembering that we were all once sinners and have now been saved, not by our own deeds but by grace, and are the beneficiaries of the gift of the Holy Spirit who indwells all believers. Titus is urged to avoid foolish and unprofitable debate from those who believe but do not recognise the truth in scripture, and who choose to be contentious. If such people do not accept the truth after two attempts to correct them, then they are to be rejected. In his closing words, Paul asks Titus to come to him at Nicopolis when either Artemas or Tychicus arrive at Crete, and to bring two brothers, Zenas and Apollos, with him. Paul’s letter ends with his usual salutations and blessing of grace.
Hierarchical Précis
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