Finger prints of God

The amazing relationship between Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1

Proof absolute that the first words in Genesis came from God. This is, perhaps surprisingly, a mathematical connection between these two verses that demonstrate the origin must be outside our time and space. In other words, from God. This is a PDF file and will be loaded in a new window. Click here to view. A straight read is about six minutes, but could take up to ten minutes for a slow, more absorbing read.

The desert cross

A little gem from the book of Numbers chapter 2. Reading these chapters can be a little like reading genealogies, a little tiresome and a tendency to rush through or even skip over them. However, the numbers listed here reveal an interesting image. Click here to watch, from 54m 36s to 59m 01s. If you just let this run on to 1h 07m 04s, then you will see ….

The coming King

Daniel 9:24-27. A prophecy accurate to the day. This is a follow-on from the previous video. If you want to go direct to the start uf this section, then …. Click here to view from 59m 03s to 1h 07m 04s

Trees in Genesis

This short excerpt shows that the names of all the trees in Genesis are encoded in Genesis 1: Click here to watch from, 39m 50s to 40m 54s

The structure of Genesis

The use of toledoths/colophons in Genesis show that the first words in Genesis came from God. Click here to read. This only takes a minute to read, but if you choose to follow the link at the end, it is an in-depth analysis which is around a forty minute read.

The Torah codes

The books of the Torah point to Yahweh (Jehovah) Click here to watch, from 34m 10s to 37m 05s

Genesis 5, more than just a genealogy

An incredible prophecy encoded within the genealogy listed in chapter five of Genesis. Click here to watch. Read time is four minutes.
If you are doubting your faith because people say you can’t prove that God exists, then this small collection will give you encouragement.
The following six video excerpts are from the publishing ministry Koinonia House. They are freely available on YouTube.

Genealogy from Boaz to King David

This short genealogical list is encoded in Genesis 38, centuries before Boaz. Click here to watch, from 55m 08s to 56m 18s