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Zephaniah,s name means “Yahweh Hides”. Zephaniah was of royal blood, his ancestry given as tracing back to King Hezekiah. He prophesied during the reign of King Josiah of Judah, contemporary with the early years of Jeremiah’s ministry. Jeremiah prophesied from around 635 to 625 B.C His purpose seems to be to motivate God’s people to repent and return to God, as there will be a future restoration.

Judgement is near

[Zep 1] Through Zephaniah, God declares the utter consumption of sinful Judah. Sins particularly mentioned are idolatry, violence and fraud. There will be a great noise of crying and howling, especially in Jerusalem, where there are men content with their lifestyle and indifferent to God’s providence and judgement. This coming judgement is not far off, and is inevitable and inescapable.

Judgement on the nations

[Zep 2] The Jews are exhorted to repentance before judgement is pronounced on the surrounding nations: to the west, Philistia; to the east, Moab and Ammon; to the south, Cush (Ethiopia); to the north, Assyria.

Jerusalem’s future

[Zep 3] Jerusalem is reproved for her persistence in sinning, despite all the warnings and corrections from God. Judgement will follow, but then so will redemption. All nations will be purified, the scattered remnant of Israel restored and God’s people will be held in high esteem.
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