Publications The publications listed below do not contain any more than is available to you on this site. They have been produced to meet needs some might have: perhaps to read as an e-book on another device, or, as I do, you still like to have a physical book to hold and read. Paperback For UK readers only, a residual stock of The Bible In a Day has been resurrected from my personal stock. These are being made available at a price of just £5 inclusive of p&p.  If you are in the post code area ME18 5-- then please email me first at to avoid p&p charges. Otherwise, please click ‘Buy Now’ below


To purchase e-books, please search on-line using the following search text: The Bible In a Day: Search ‘isbn 9780992896522’ or ‘mike whiting the bible in a day The Bible In an Evening: Search ‘isbn 9780992896515’ or ‘mike whiting the bible in an evening’ Please email Mike at  or send me a message on Facebook if you have any questions or problems with this page. Thank you.