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This is the full EasyBible text divided into convenient parts to form a 30-day reading plan. Each day has a next day button so that it can be read as continuous text if preferred.
This hierarchical approach allows the reader to quickly home in on any part of the Bible.
A PDF file of The Bible In a Day, free to download.
A shorter version of EasyBible (approximately a 90 minute read) concentrating on the history books with only a passing reference to the remaining books of the Bible.
A PDF file of The Bible In an Evening, free to download.
Just a  few maps and charts to help along the way.
If you have any doubts that the Bible is God’s Word, this explanation of the numerical connection between Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 should boost your confidence.
This blog is in an experimental phase to decide whether it is something I should be indulging in and whether EasyBible is the right place to host it. I have a FaceBook account and page, but I don’t post very often. I have a Twitter account, but I don’t tweet very often. Now I have a blog, will I blog very often, and will the blogs be worthwhile?? If not, then I will probably discontinue it.