The Old Testament History Books

Genesis to Esther

including Daniel

The Beginnings

[Gen 1-11]


[Gen 1:1-2:4]

The fall

[Gen 2:5-3:24]

Cain and Abel

[Gen 4]

The generations of Adam

[Gen 5]

The flood

[Gen 6-9]

The Table of Nations

[Gen 10]

The Tower of Babel

[Gen 11]

The Patriarchal Period

[Gen 12-50]

Abraham and Isaac

[Gen 12:1-25:11]

The call of Abraham

[Gen 12:1-9]

A famine

[Gen 12:10-20]

The parting with Lot

[Gen 13]


[Gen 14]

The Abrahamic covenant

[Gen 15]

The birth of Ishmael

[Gen 16]

Circumcision and name changes

[Gen 17]

Three visitors

[Gen 18]

Sodom and Gomorrah

[Gen 19]

Abraham and Abimelech

[Gen 20]

The birth of Isaac and a covenant with Abimelech

[Gen 21]

Abraham is tested

[Gen 22]

The death of Sarah

[Gen 23]

A wife for Isaac

Abraham’s last days

[Gen 25:1-18]


[Gen 25:19 - Gen 35:29]

The birth of Esau and Jacob

[Gen 25:19-26]

Esau sells his birthright

[Gen 25:27-34]

Isaac and Abimelech

[Gen 26]

Jacob gets Esau’s blessing by deceit

Jacob flees to Haran

[Gen 28]

Leah and Rachel

[Gen 29:1-30]

Jacob’s first eleven sons and a daughter

[Gen 29:31-30:24]

Jacob’s flocks increase

[Gen 30:25-43]

Jacob flees Laban

[Gen 31]

God meets Jacob

[Gen 32]

Jacob meets Esau

[Gen 33]

Dinah’s rape

[Gen 34]

The birth of Benjamin, Jacob’s twelfth son

[Gen 35]

The Edomites

[Gen 36]


[Gen 37-50]

Joseph’s dreams

[Gen 37]

Judah and Tamar

[Gen 38]

Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

[Gen 39]

The butler and baker’s dreams

[Gen 40]

Pharaoh’s dreams

[Gen 41]

Famine and a family reunion

[Gen 42-45]

Israel settles in Egypt

[Gen 46-47]

Jacob blesses his sons

[Gen 48:1-49:32]

The deaths of Jacob and Joseph

[Gen 49:33-50:26]

The Exodus and Conquest

[Exodus - Joshua]

The Exodus


Moses’ birth, calling and return to Egypt

[Ex 1-4]

Pharaoh’s opposition and the ten plagues

[Ex 5-12]

To Mount Sinai

[Ex 13-18]

The law is given at Mount Sinai

[Ex 19-31]

The Golden Calf

[Ex 32]

The tabernacle is constructed

[Ex 33-40]

Israel’s Laws


The five main offerings

[Lev 1-7]

The priesthood

[Lev 8-10]

Ceremonial laws

[Lev 11-17]

Moral laws

[Lev 18-19, 20]

Regulations for priests, offerings and feasts

[Lev 21:1-24:9]

More civil laws

[Lev 24:10-23]

Sabbath and Jubilee years

[Lev 25]

Blessings and curses

[Lev 26]

Offerings vowed to the Lord

[Lev 27]

The Desert Wanderings


The first census

[Num 1:1-10:10]

The journey from Sinai to Kadesh

[Num 10:11-12:16]

In the Kadesh region

[Num 13:1-20:21]

From Kadesh to the plains of Moab

[Num 20:22-22:1]

On the Plains of Moab

[Num 22:2-36:13]

Preparing to Enter The Promised Land


Moses reviews the wilderness wanderings

[Deut 1-3]

A call to obedience

[Deut 4:1-43]

Commandments, statutes and judgements

[Deut 4:44-26:19]

Blessings and curses

[Deut 27-28]

Another covenant

[Deut 29-30]

The succession and Moses’ last days

[Deut 31-34]

The Conquest


Israel enters the promised land

[Josh 1:11-5:12]

The fall of Jericho

[Josh 5:13-8:35]

The central and southern cities are conquered

[Josh 9-10]

The northern kings are defeated

[Josh 11-12]

The division of the land

[Josh 13-21]

The eastern tribes return home

[Josh 22]

Joshua’s last days

[Josh 23-24]

The Times of the Judges

[Judges and Ruth]

The Judges


A limited conquest

[Jdg 1]

God’s judgement on disobedience

[Jdg 2:1-3:6]


[Jdg 3:7-11]


[Jdg 3:12-30]


[Jdg 3:31]

Deborah and Barak

[Jdg 4-5]


[Jdg 6-8]

The usurper Abimelech

[Jdg 9]

Tolar and Jair

[Jdg 10:1-5]


[Jdg 10:6-12:7]

Ibzan, Elon and Abdon

[Jdg 12:8-15]


[Jdg 13-16]

Micah and the Danite migration

[Jdg 17-18]

The Levite’s concubine

[Jdg 19-21]


Naomi and Ruth

[Ruth 1]

Ruth meets Boaz

[Ruth 2]

Ruth and Boaz at the threshing floor

[Ruth 3]

Boaz marries Ruth

[Ruth 4]

The Monarchy

[1Sam 1-1Kings 11


[1Sam 1-7]

Samuel’s birth, dedication and calling

[1Sam 1-3]

The Philistines capture the ark

[1Sam 4]

The ark is returned to Israel

[1Sam 5-6]

Samuel subdues the Philistines at Mizpah

[1Sam 7]


[1Sam 8-31]

Saul is made king of Israel

[1Sam 8-12]

God soon rejects Saul as king

[1Sam 13-15]

Samuel anoints David

[1Sam 16]

David and Goliath

[1Sam 17]

Saul turns against David

[1Sam 18]

Saul seeks to kill David

[1Sam 19-24]

The death of Samuel

[1Sam 25:1]

David, Nabal and Abigail

[1Sam 25:2-44]

David flees to Philistine to escape Saul

[1Sam 26-27]

Saul and the witch of Endor

[1Sam 28]

Achish Sends David Back to Ziklag

[1Sam 29-30]

Saul Takes His Life

[1Sam 31]


[2Sam 1 - 1Kings 2:11]

David is anointed king over Judea; Conflict with the house of Saul

[2Sam 1-4]

David becomes king over Israel

[2Sam 5:1-5]

David conquers Jerusalem and defeats the Philistines

[2Sam 5:6-25]

The ark is brought to Jerusalem

[2Sam 6; 1Chr 15-16]

God’s promise to David

[2Sam 7; 1Chr 17]

David’s victories

[2Sam 8; 1Chr 18]

David’s faithfulness to his covenant with Jonathan

[2Sam 9]

David commits adultery and murder

[2Sam 10-12; 1Chr 19]

David loses his sons Amnon and Absalom

[2Sam 13-20]

Final conflicts in David’s reign

[2Sam 21-23; 1Chr 20]

Adonijah’s plot

[1Kings 1]

David counts the fighting men

[2Sam 24; 1Chr 21]

Solomon is charged with the building of the temple

[1Chr 22:2-19]

The Levites’ temple duties

[1Chr 23-26]

Civil government

[1Chr 27]

The government passes to Solomon; plans and instructions for the temple

[1Kings 2:1-11; 1Chr 28-29]


[1Kings 2 - 11]

Solomon’s kingdom is established

[1Kings 2:12-46]

Solomon asks for wisdom

[1Kings 3; 2Chr 1:1-13]

Riches and honour follow

[1Kings 4; 2Chr 1:14-18]

The trade-pact with King Hiram; work on the temple begins

[1Kings 5:1-12; 2Chr 2]

Solomon Builds the Temple

[1Kings 5:13-751; 2Chr 3-4]

Dedication of the temple

[1Kings 8:1-9; 2Chr 5-7]

Solomon’s building and trading operations

[1Kings 9:10-28; 2Chr 8]

The queen of Sheba and Solomon’s wealth

[1Kings 10; 2Chr 9:1-12]

Solomon’s downfall

[1Kings 11; 2Chr 9:13-31]

A Divided Kingdom

[1Kings 12-2Kings 25; 2Chr 10-36]

Rehoboam and Jeroboam

[1Kings 12-14; 2Chr 10-12]

Kings Abijam (Abijah) and Asa of Judah

[1 Kings 15:1-24; 2 Chr 13-16]

Kings Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri and Ahab of Israel

[1 Kings 15:25-16:34]

Elijah in the reign of Ahab of Israel

[1 Kings 17:1-22:40]

King Jehoshaphat of Judah

[1 Kings 22:41-50; 2 Chr 17-21:1]

King Ahaziah of Israel

[1 Kings 22:51-2 Kings 1:18]

Elisha in the reign of Joram of Israel

[2Kings 2:1-8:15]

King Jehoram of Judah

[2Kings 8:16-24; 2Chr 21]

King Ahaziah of Judah

[2Kings 8:25-29; 2Chr 22:1-9]

King Jehu of Israel

[2Kings 9-10]

Athaliah and Joash of Judah

[2Kings 11-12; 2Chr 22:10-24:27]

Kings Jehoahaz and Jehoash of Israel

[2Kings 13]

King Amaziah of Judah

[2Kings 14:1-22; 2Chr 25]

King Jeroboam II of Israel

[2Kings 14:23-29]

King Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah

[2Kings 15:1-7; 2Chr 26]

Kings Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah and Pekah of Israel

[2Kings 15:8-31]

King Jotham of Judah

[2Kings 15:32-38; 2Chr 27]

King Ahaz of Judah

[2Kings 16; 2Chr 28]

Hoshea, last king of Israel when Israel is exiled

[2Kings 17]

King Hezekiah of Judah

[2Kings 18-20; 2Chr 29-32; Isa 36-39]

Kings Manasseh and Amon of Judah

[2Kings 21; 2Chr 33]

King Josiah, Judah’s last and greatest reformer

[2Kings 22:1-23:30; 2Chr 34-35]

Josiah’s successors: Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah

[2Kings 23:31-24:20; 2Chr 36:2-12]

The fall of Jerusalem

[2Kings 25: 2Chr 36:13-23; Jer 52]

The Exile

[Daniel 1-6]

Daniel and his friends taken captive

[Daniel 1]

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream

[Daniel 2]

The fiery furnace

[Daniel 3]

Nebuchadnezzar’s testimony

[Daniel 4]

The writing on the wall

[Daniel 5]

Daniel and the lions’ den

[Daniel 6]

Israel’s return

[Ezra - Esther]


The Decree of Cyrus and the first body of people to return to Jerusalem

[Ezra 1-2]

The temple is rebuilt

[Ezra 3-6]

The Decree of Artaxerxes and the second body of people to return to Jerusalem

[Ezra 7-8]

The problem of mixed marriages is resolved

[Ezra 9-10]


Esther becomes queen

[Esther 1-2]

Haman and the decree to destroy the Jews

[Esther 3]

Mordecai persuades Esther to help

[Esther 4-5]

The plan to counter the decree

[Esther 6-8]

The Jews survive the decree

[Esther 9-10]


Nehemiah obtains permission to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the city

[Neh 1:1-2:8]

The walls and doors are rebuilt

[Neh 2:9-7:73a]

Ezra brings about a revival

[Neh 7:73b-11:36]

The dedication of the wall

[Neh 12]

Further abuses and reforms

[Neh 13]

The ‘Silent’ Years

Daniel 11:5-35

The New Testament History Books

Matthew to Acts

including Revelation

Jesus Christ

Jesus life before his ministry

[Mat 1:1-4:11]

Jesus’ birth and early years

[Matt 1-2:40]

Jesus at the Passover

[Luke 2:41-52]

Jesus’ baptism and temptations

[Matt 3:1-4:11]

Jesus’ ministry in Galilee

[Mat 4:12-13:58; Jn 1:35-4:54]

The beginnings of Jesus’ ministry

[Jn 1:35-4:54]

To Capernaum

[Matt 4:12-25]

The Sermon on the Mount

[Matt 5-7]

A collection of miracles

[Matt 8-9]

The commissioning of the twelve disciples

[Matt 10]

Ministering throughout Galilee

[Matt 11-12]

The Kingdom Parables

[Matt 13]

Jesus withdraws from Galilee

[Mat 14:1-17:21]

Herod’s reaction to Jesus’ ministry

[Matt 14:1-12]

Feeding the 5000 on the eastern shore of Galilee

[Matt 14:13-15:20]

To Phoenicia

[Matt 15:21-28]

Jesus feeds the 4000 at Decapolis

[Matt 15:29-16:12]

To Caesarea Philippi

[Matt 16:13-17:21]

Jesus’ last ministry in Galilee

[Mat 17:22-18:35]

Jesus discusses his death

[Matt 17:22-23]

Temple tax

[Matt 17:24-27]


[Matt 18]

In Judea

[Mat 19:1-12; Lk 10:1-13:21]

Teaching concerning divorce

[Matt 19:1-12]

The mission of the seventy

[Lk 10:1-24]

The parable of The Good Samaritan

[Lk 10:25-37]

At Bethany with Mary and Martha

[Lk 10:38-42]

Teachings in Judea

[Lk 11:11-13:21]

In and around Perea

Luke’s account

[Lk 13:22-18:14]

Matthew’s account

[Matt 19:13-20:34]

Passion Week

[Mat 21-28]

The triumphal entry and events that follow

[Matt 21:1-26:58]

Jesus’ trial, death and resurrection

[Matt 26:59-28:20]

The Early Church

[The Acts of the Apostles]

The beginnings of the church

[Acts 1-5]

Stephen and his martyrdom

[Acts 6:1-8:4]

Philip’s ministry

[Acts 8:5-40]

Saul’s conversion

[Acts 9:1-30]

Peter’s ministry

[Acts 9:31-11:18]

The Gentile church in Antioch

[Acts 11:19-30]

Herod’s persecution of the church

[Acts 12:1-24]

Paul’s first missionary journey

Acts 12:25-14:28]

The Jerusalem meeting

[Acts 15:1-35]

Paul’s second missionary journey

[Acts 15:36-18:22]

Paul’s third missionary journey

[Acts 18:23-21:16]

Paul’s imprisonment in Jerusalem

[Acts 21:17-23:35]

Paul’s imprisonment in Caesarea

[Acts 24-26]

Paul’s perilous voyage to Rome

[Acts 27:1-28:15]

Paul’s house arrest in Rome

[Acts 28:16-31]


Introduction and John’s vision of Christ

[Rev 1]

Letters to the seven churches

[Rev 2-3]

John’s vision of heaven

[Rev 4]

The seven seals

[Rev 5:1-8:5]

The sealed scroll

[Rev 5]

The breaking of the first six seals

[Rev 6]

The people of God

[Rev 7]

The seventh seal

[Rev 8:1-5]

The seven trumpets

[Rev 8:6-11:19]

The first six trumpets

[Rev 8:6-9:21]

The angel and the little scroll

[Rev 10]

The two witnesses

[Rev 11:1-14]

The seventh trumpet  

[Rev 11:15-19]

The woman and the dragon; The two beasts

[Rev 12, 13]

The woman and the dragon

[Rev 12]

The beast out of the sea

[Rev 13:1-10]

The beast out of the earth

[Rev 13:11-18]

The joy of the redeemed and the harvest

[Rev 14]

The seven bowls

[Rev 15-16]

God’s final triumph

[Rev 17-22]

The Woman and the Beast

[Rev 17]

The Fall of Babylon

[Rev 18]

The hallelujah and the wedding feast

[Rev 19:1-10]

Christ victorious

[Rev 19:11-21]

The Thousand Years and the last judgement

[Rev 20]

God’s new world

[Rev 21-22]

New Testament Epistles

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians

Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians

Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians

Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians

Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians

Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians

Paul’s First Epistle to the Thessalonians

Second Epistle to the Thessalonians

Paul’s First Epistle to Timothy

Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy

Paul’s Epistle to Titus

Paul’s Epistle to Philemon

The Epistle to the Hebrews

The Epistle of James

The First Epistle of Peter

The Second Epistle of Peter

The First Epistle of John

The Second Epistle of John

The Third Epistle of John

The Epistle of Jude

The Major Prophets


Jeremiah and Lamentations



The Minor Prophets













Poetry Books



Book 1


Book 2

[Ps 42-72]

Book 3

[Ps 73-89]

Book 4

[Ps 90-106]

Book 5

[Ps 107-150]


Prologue; Lessons on Wisdom


Proverbs of Solomon


Sayings of the wise


More sayings of the wise


Proverbs of Solomon - Hezekiah’s collection


Sayings of Agur


Sayings of King Lemuel



Song of Solomon