Welcome to EasyBible You can search this site via Google. Just enter “site:easybible.net: “ There must be a space between the last colon and your search words. (This will work for any website). A blog - Christian Jottings - has now been added to this site, accessed from the Navigation Bar or Main Menu. Returning visitors please note: this site has been recompiled and reformatted following a change of web design software. I hope you find this new format more straightforward to use, but I’m always open to feedback via email as invited below.   The purpose of EasyBible is to provide a relatively quick means of becoming familiar with all the Bible’s content.   There are two sections to this site: 'The Bible In a Day' and 'The Bible In an Evening'. 'The   Bible   In   a   Day'    is   a   full   précis   of   the   books   containing   history   narrative:   Genesis   to   Esther   plus   Daniel,   and   Matthew to   Acts   plus   Revelation.   Coverage   of   the   other   books   varies   between   a   précis   and   the   briefest   summary   -   as   with   Psalms and   Proverbs   -   dependant   on   their   content.   The   whole   could   perhaps   be   described   as   a   condensed   version   of   the   Bible   and can be comfortably read in around 7½ hours. To read the whole Bible from cover to cover takes around 72 hours.   'The   Bible   In   an   Evening'    is   a   cut-down   version   of   'The   Bible   In   a   Day'   that   provides   a   reduced   reading   time   of   around 90 minutes. This section concentrates on the history narrative with just a passing reference to the other books.   This   site   can   be   used   to   simply   get   to   know   what’s   in   the   Bible,   and   nothing   more,   or   as   preparation   for   further   reading.   It can,   of   course,   also   be   used   in   part   for   focusing   on   a   section   of   scripture,   either   for   your   personal   interest,   or   in preparation for the next sermon or Bible study group meeting.   However,   here   is   a   spiritual   health   warning.   You   may   soon   be   confident   with   your   knowledge   of   what’s   in   the   Bible,   but   this précis   must   not   become   your   Bible. It   simply   ‘teaches’   you   the   content   as   a   series   of   events,   it   does   not   teach   you   the meaning of those events; that can only come from prayerful reading and study.   Please go to the Main Menu for the various reading options available. Do let me know if you encounter any errors, have any questions or comments, by emailing me at mike.whiting@btinternet.com or sending me a Message on Facebook. Thank you.
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